Unibank offers mortgage loans without prepayment

04.10.2017 12:38
Unibank offers mortgage loans without prepayment

YEREVAN, October 4. /ARKA/. Unibank offers mortgage loans without prepayment at primary and secondary markets for acquisition of residential accommodation and premises for business, the press office of the bank reported on Wednesday.

Instead of making advance payments, borrowers secured the loans by additional immovable property.

The size of the ‘Classic without Prepayment’ loan is limited to $150,000. It is provided for 20 years at annual rates starting from 11.7%.

Taking into account demand for mortgage loans without prepayment, Unibank announces also a special offer, which allows borrowers to purchase flats in the new-built apartment block in Lvovyan Street in Yerevan.

In particular, the annual interest rate is 9.5% with zero prepayment. The loan is extended for 20 years.

Gurgen Ghukasyan, retail business director of Unibank, said the bank is periodically analyzing the market to gauge demand here, and, taking into consideration the results of the analyses, it is developing appropriate instruments.

“Loans without advance payment make mortgage lending more affordable for broad segments of the population, which have a stable income, but have no sufficient savings to make advance payments for buying apartments,” he is quoted in the bank’s press release. “This loan is designed for this very category of clients.”

Thanks to this flexible approach, he said, Unibank retains its positions at the mortgage lending market as one of flagship lenders.

Unibank was established in 2001. In 2002, it introduced Unistream system. UNIHOLDING GG LIMITED is the key shareholder of Unibank. In 2015, the bank was reorganized into an open stock company. -0---

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