Suspect in assault on organization detained by police

01.12.2017 17:52
Suspect in assault on organization detained by police

YEREVAN, December 1. /ARKA/. The Armenian police department has revealed details of the armed assault on organization in Yerevan.

According to the report, the Yerevan division of the police received an alarming call from on November 28 at 18:40 and was informed that a masked man has entered the office and, threatening with a gun, demanded money from an officer, who gave then AMD 292,000.

There were six officers and two visitors in the office, but none of them has seen the face of the attacker.

Two days later, the police detained Paylak Martirosyan, 24, a resident f Norashen village, Lori province on suspicion of the crime. A pistol has been found and taken from him during the search.

Two months ago, he enrolled in the college of the police academy.

The investigation is under way now. --0---

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