CEO: ACBA CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK shows support to customers in time of crisis (video)

04.05.2020 17:37
CEO: ACBA CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK shows support to customers in time of crisis (video)

YEREVAN, May 4. /ARKA/. ACBA CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK CEO Hakob Andreasyan spoke about the steps the bank has taken to assist its customers and partners.

“The coronavirus pandemic is dictating new working conditions for the banking sector as well. The ACBA CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK was one of the first to respond quickly to the situation by unveiling a set of solutions that served as 'first aid' for the bank’s partners,” Andreasyan is quoted as saying by his press service.

He emphasized that the indicators of the previous years allowed the bank to form a stable financial field on these difficult days.
"The role and importance of the Central Bank should also be mentioned. In the current situation, the government is also providing great support through assistance programs that allow for business activity, 'Andreasyan noted.

According to him, the bank's lending process continues, however, some restrictions and tightening have been applied in respect to consumer loans because of the current situation.
“We also work on non-working days to meet the financial needs of people. We are developing new approaches, using new tools,” he said.

In this context, Andreasyan noted that it is possible to arrange lending and all other processes on the digital platform in 24/7 mode, up to signing contracts and providing loans through money transfers to cards and current accounts, which customers can use through mobile banking.

“I am optimistic about the future; we will continue to implement all our projects and will increase lending, offer new products, and develop digital banking. We want to play a significant role in the society, not being just a financial structure,” the banker emphasized.

Andreasyan noted that in times of crisis, customers are more in need of care. "It should be understood that no one can avoid losses at all. It is very important to us in a crisis to ensure the vitality of the client. We are ready to listen to the client, discuss and find mutually beneficial solutions. This is extremely important," he said.

At the same time, Andreasyan noted that although the current situation is full of uncertainties, one thing is clear - one day we will return to normal life.

“You need to understand that this situation is a “testing” of relationships. In terms of SMEs, there are areas that are very vulnerable,” he said. According to him, in addition to the general approach regarding the revision of the terms and packages of state assistance, ACBA CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK is considering other programs to assist clients in the framework of purely internal approaches.
"All this will pass, and then we will look at people, customers, and us; so this is a testing of relations and moral values. In this situation, no one will win, everyone will suffer, you just have to share the damage between everyone," Andreasyan said.

At the same time, he noted that an individual approach to customers shown by the bank is not news for agriculture.

“For 25 consecutive years, within the framework of such relationships, mutual trust has been formed between the bank and its customers. It is not surprising that those of our customers who have used our services for many years refer to ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK as “our bank, ” and we proudly refer to them as “our clients and partners," because we regard our clients as our partners," Andreasyan emphasized.

The Bank is controlled by the Central Bank of Armenia.

ACBA was established in 1995 as part of EU’s TACIS program. As a result of a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation between ACBA Bank and the French Credit Agricole the latter became the biggest shareholder of ACBA in 2006, September. ACBA was restructured, becoming a closed joint stock company and was renamed ACBA CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK. -0----

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