Yerevan is the most comfortable zone for business relocators from Russia

22.06.2022 16:06
Yerevan is the most comfortable zone for business relocators from Russia

YEREVAN, June 22. /ARKA/.  Russian business daily ‘Kommersant’ has looked into some aspects of opening bank accounts by Russians who have moved to the friendly CIS countries, in particular, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The newspaper says that in terms of  bank services,  banks in CIS countries differ little  from those in Russia, and from the technical point of view there should not be any difficulties.

Difficulties  may emerge along with other problems: for example, if you lose your bank card. Just as opening an account requires personal presence at the bank branch in the country, so do current service issues - they cannot be solved online. And then you will have to travel another 2,000 kilometers, for example, to Yerevan.

Narine Beglarova, a managing partner of Sona Private Consulting, notes that Armenian banks are loyal to clients from Russia, and it seems, one should not be afraid of secondary sanctions for the time being.

"Choosing a CIS country, I would choose Armenia, which is less likely to talk about secondary sanctions. Yerevan now seeks to assimilate any proposals from Russian entrepreneurs. There are difficulties in business relocation, in financial transactions, but if we consider an individual, it would still be the most comfortable zone," Beglarova notes.

According to various data, in connection with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, from 100,000 to 140,000 Russians have relocated to Armenia. According to the Union of the Advanced Technology Enterprises  (UATE), the Russians have registered in Armenia some 1,300 companies  and more than 90% of them in the IT sector. --0--

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