Converse Bank introduces new services for its customers

03.11.2010 16:21
Converse Bank introduces new services for its customers

YEREVAN, November 3, /ARKA/. Armenian Converse Bank has announced today the launch of a new service designed for its customers. The new service, called  SMS CONVERSE, enables Bank’s customers to receive full information about the amount of balance on their saving and card accounts, get information about currency exchange rates as well as to block or un-block their plastic cards by sending a short message (SMS) to the Bank.

A press release by the Bank says it is constantly upgrading its service in tune with latest IT achievements. Half a year ago it launched Internet banking service enabling its customers to handle their accounts online. Earlier the Bank introduced an unprecedented ARCA DIRECT product that enabled plastic card holders to receive information about the balance on their cards at the Bank’s branches.

According to an analysis, made by ARKA, on September 30 Converse Bank’s aggregate assets totaled some 79.5 billion Drams, liabilities stood at 64.7 billion Drams, credit investments at 41.6 billion Drams and deposits at 47.3 billion Drams. In the first nine months of 201 the Bank earned 1.5 billion Drams in net profits.

Ninety-five percent in Converse Bank is owned by an Argentinean Armenian businessman Eduardo Eurnekian and the remaining five percent by the Armenian Apostolic Church. The bank has 28 branches in 13 towns. -0-

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