Armenian expert: Government subsidies hobble international trade development

04.07.2012 21:12
Armenian expert: Government subsidies hobble international trade development

YEREVAN, July 4. /ARKA/. Government subsidies hobble international trade development, Tatul Manaseryan, the head of Alternative analysis center, said Wednesday during Yerevan – Moscow – Kyiv – Chishinau - Astana video bridge spotlighting the crisis in Europe and across the world and things in economies of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

“On one hand, countries enjoy freedom of competition, but on the other hand, some countries benefit from subsidies, while others lose because of subsidies,” he said. “That is why it is necessary to struggle against this evil, which is also one of the global financial crisis’ causes.”

In his opinion, those countries insufficiently integrated in the world economic space can take advantage of uncertainty in the global economy.

“We often look at the West to find ways for withstanding the crisis instead of learning from each other and working out common solutions,” he said.

Manaseryan is convinced that Armenia and other former Soviet republics should, first of all, strengthen their competitiveness and use the competitive advantages they have now.

The expert also thinks that the global financial crisis is a crisis of ideology. “For two decades western countries recommended that former Soviet republics take up liberal models,” he said. “Now these republics have a unique opportunity to choose ideologies and economic development models so that not to be isolated form each other in view of ongoing economic global trends.” -0---

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