Health insurance prevail in Armenian insurance deals in 2012

20.11.2012 12:46
Health insurance prevail in Armenian insurance deals in 2012

YEREVAN, November 20. /ARKA/. Most part of insurance deals arranged in Armenia in 2012 was on health insurance, chairman of the Association of Insurance Market Participants Andranik Ohanjanyan reported Monday.

Insurance companies satisfied more than 30,000 insurance claims in April-May 2012, Ohanjanyan told journalists.

A social package introduced for civil or public servants in culture, education and social security in Armenia in January 2012, includes compulsory health insurance. Compulsory health insurance monthly fee is 52,000 drams, which is 3.8mln drams per year.

Today a total of 120,000 civil and public servants are enrolled in obligatory health insurance plan and another 100,000 may be included next year.

Social package does not cover the reserve staff, employees with less than 6 months’ record in the given organization or employees who work part time; it does not cover high-ranking officials and technical support staff either.

There are currently eight insurance companies operating in Armenia. The Central Bank of Armenia has been monitoring the country’s insurance market since January 1, 2006. ($1=407.30drams). –0—

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