Armenia’s commercial banks paid 22 bln drams to budget

29.07.2013 16:01
Armenia’s commercial banks paid 22 bln drams to budget

YEREVAN, July 29. /ARKA/. All 21 commercial banks operating in Armenia are on the top 1,000 taxpayers list, having paid a total of about 22 billion drams to the budget in the second quarter, Armenia’s State Revenues Committee reports.

Tax collection by tax authorities exceeded 21.9 billion drams and that by customs bodies was about 97.9 million drams, according to the report.

The share of banks in overall taxes of the top 1,000 taxpayers in the reporting period was 7%.

The five leading banks were Bank VTB (Armenia) with over 2.9 bln drams (14th in the list), HSBC Armenia (about 2.8bln drams, 15th), ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE (over 2.1 bln drams, 22nd), Ardshininvestbank (over 1.8bln drams, 23rd) and Ameriabank (about 1.8bln drams, 25th).

Among the top 100 tax payers are Unibank (about 1.7bln drams, 29th), Araratbank (about 1.2bln drams, 41st), Inecobank (over 1.1bln drams, 45th), Areximbank- Gazprombank Group (about 969.1mln drams, 56th), Armbusinessbank (about 848mln drams, 67th) and Conversebank (about 756.3mln drams, 78th).

In total, top 1,000 tax payers paid over 313.8 billion drams to the state budget in the second quarter as compared to 261.9 billion drams in the same period of 2012. ($1=410.77drams).–0--

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