ARKA News Agency becomes 20 years old

29.04.2016 14:38
ARKA News Agency becomes 20 years old

YEREVAN, April 29. /ARKA/. Dear friends, on May 1, ARKA news agency will celebrate its 20th anniversary. After two decades of operation ARKA has become an integral part of the Armenian journalism landscape. Today we live in the age of information boom, when flows of information are poured on people across the globe from all sides. This process has become more complicated with the development of social networks.

For modern readers it is very difficult to choose their source of information, which they can trust, and without which they can not do. In conditions of over-information our main goal was and is to choose the most important from the infinite information flows, to process it, add links and expert opinions and convey to the reader proven and reliable information.

We write our reports and stories trying to shape the agenda in such a way that it reflects the most important and relevant. We hope that we have been able to cope with this task and became your trusted companion. We have always strived to evolve and keep up with the times. We are clearly aware that we have opted for a kind of work that must be done well or not done at all. Now, after 20 years, we can recap. Over the years we have grown from a small team into one of the leading news agencies of the country.

Today we can talk about ARKA media holding that includes the international news agency Novosti Armenia, telecommunications and high technology portal and financial and banking portal

Among our subscribers are government and commercial structures, banks, international financial institutions, consulting companies, embassies and the media. But our most valuable acquisition throughout all these years has been and remains our reader. ARKA news agency is grateful to all its subscribers, colleagues, friends and simply readers for years of cooperation, support and interest in our products.

Yours faithfully

ARKA news agency staff

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