Unibank offers cash loans for purchase of school supplies

31.08.2017 17:11
Unibank offers cash loans for purchase of school supplies

YEREVAN, August 31. /ARKA/. In view of the growing demand the Yerevan-based Unibank said today it will be providing cash loans for the purchase of school supplies. It said in a press release that the special offer will be valid until September 15.

The amount of the loan called U-School is 100,000 drams, repayable in 12 months. Early repayment of the loan is allowed without restrictions and penalties. The interest rate is 18.61%.

To get U-School loans one should visit any branch of Unibank and submit the minimum package of documents - a passport, a social card and a birth certificate of a school-age child. The decision on the loan application is made within one working day after the client submits the documents. One of the main obligatory conditions is the absence of an existing overdue loan.

"Fast, simple and in tune with the demands of the client - that's how you can characterize the process of providing consumer loans at Unibank," the press release said.

It recalled also that Unibank is one of the leading Armenian banks in terms of lending to individuals offering favorable terms both for installment lending, and for cash and card loans.

Unibank has a head office and 47 branches in Armenia and a representative office in Moscow. It was founded in October 2001. In 2002, it introduced the Unistream system. The main shareholder of the bank is Ripatonso Holding Limited. In 2015, the bank was reorganized into an open joint-stock company. ($1 - 478.39 drams) -0-

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