Stepan Gishyan charity foundation opens Charles Aznavour class with deep study of French in Hrazdan school

05.11.2018 17:01
Stepan Gishyan charity foundation opens Charles Aznavour class with deep study of French in Hrazdan school

YEREVAN, November 5. /ARKA/. The Stepan Gishyan charity foundation run by the ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, has opened a class named after the famous French singer of Armenian origin Charles Aznavour in the school N11 in the town of Hrazdan with a deep study of the French language.

The Bank said in a press release today that this project is a joint initiative of the French-Armenian Development and the Stepan Gishyan charity foundations.

The French-Armenian Development foundation is one of the five organizations that has won a grant from the Stepan Gishyan foundation this year.

"The students of this class will have two-hour French lessons every day, and those who would like to study the language more deeply will be able to attend additional classes free of charge. We tried to create the best conditions for learning French. In particular, the class is equipped with modern technology and literature brought from France. I am sure that the children will study here with great pleasure," said Anna Gishyan, director of the Stepan Gishyan charity foundation.

According to the president of the French-Armenian Development foundation Aren Tokhatyan, the foundation carries out various programs. He said he was happy that the opening of this class will allow children to improve their knowledge of French.

In 2015, ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, the French Agricole Credit, the National Federation of Credit Agricole and the family of Stepan Gishyan founded the Stepan Gishyan charitable foundation.

ACBA was established in 1996 as part of EU’s TACIS program. As a result of a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation between ACBA Bank and the French Credit Agricole the latter became the biggest shareholder of ACBA in 2006, September. ACBA was restructured, becoming a closed joint stock company and was renamed ACBA CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK. -0-

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