Pashinyan, Haroutunyan point out necessity of bolstering Artsakh’s banking system

22.05.2020 17:45
Pashinyan, Haroutunyan point out necessity of bolstering Artsakh’s banking system

YEREVAN, May 22. /ARKA/. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and President of Artsakh Arayik Haroutunyan met today in Stepanakert with representatives of Armenia’s and Artsakh’s banking systems, the press office of the Armenian government reports.

Arayik Haroutunyan welcomed the meeting participants and thanked the Armenian premier for organizing a meeting in this format. “We should not only continue, but to step up cooperation as we are going to ensure higher development rates in the future. Whereas the two governments’ financial resources will not be enough to do so, we will need to implement more ambitious programs,” the president of Artsakh said.

Pashinyan, for his part, stressed the importance of the tangible progress Artsakh’s banking system has recorded over the past decade, “which was instrumental in fostering the country’s economic achievements”.

“The economic ambitions we have set will be impossible to implement if they are not realized by the banking system. In some sense, this content should be formed jointly,” he said. “We did so during the state of emergency when government, banking system representatives and lawmakers would come together to discuss agriculture development, social issues and so on. This can be really effective; it should not be viewed as a separate meeting, but a talk that needs to be continued.”

According to the Armenian government’s press service, the meeting discussed ways of boosting cooperation between financial and banking systems, bolstering Armenian banks’ activities in Artsakh, promoting the funding of prospective business projects, etc.

The banking system representatives expressed readiness to follow the initiatives of Armenia’s and Artsakh’s governments and get involved in those programs aimed at ensuring greater resources with low interest rates for the market. -0---

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