Anelik Bank unveils “Dram +” deposit

12.01.2015 20:17
Anelik Bank unveils “Dram +” deposit

YEREVAN, January 12. / ARKA /. Armenian Anelik Bank has announced today a new type of 6-month deposit in the national currency called "Dram +" with a 16.25% annual interest rate.

“Following the market trends and studying the needs of customers, Anelik Bank continues introducing new banking products, including deposits, which are designed to help customers manage their funds as effectively as possible," a spokeswoman of the bank, Astghik Martirosyan is quoted as saying in a press release.

According to her, this type of deposit allows depositors to get high income in a short period of time.
If a deposit is placed for a shorter period - 3 months- the interest rate is 16%. The deposits "Dram +" are accepted in the national currency only. The minimum deposit is 100 thousand drams.

Anelik Bank was established in 1990. Now Anelik Bank’s shares belong to Lebanese CreditBank.
The bank’s assets totaled about AMD 73.3 billion as of late September 2014 (a 22.11% growth from the beginning of the year), while its liabilities were AMD 59.7 billion (a 27.16% growth).

Its capital amounted to AMD13.6 billion (a 3.97% increase) and loan portfolio stood at AMD 48 billion (a 24.4% growth). Liabilities to clients were AMD 43.1 billion (29.8% increase). ($1 – 474.93 drams). -0-

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