Visa, open american internet shops’ doors to Armenian buyers

28.11.2012 17:17
Visa, open american internet shops’ doors to Armenian buyers

YEREVAN, November 28. /ARKA/. Visa Inc. and have established partnership to make Armenian buyers’ shopping in U.S. Internet shops more comfortable, according to a report received by ARKA News Agency.

MyUS company’s own delivery service gives shoppers all over the world access to U.S. stores, including those which don’t provide delivery services to buyers abroad or accept only American payment cards.

Visa card holders in Armenia will be able to enjoy traditional Christmas discounts in American stores.

MyUS service has repeatedly won various awards since 1997 and has been recognized as the best good-delivering company.

Under the agreement, Visa card holders enjoy special preferences. In particular, they are exempted from membership fees and $100 free insurance. portal was opened in 1997. This is the first and most reputable good-delivery company.
The company is based in Sarasota, Florida. It provides buyers all over the world an American address for receiving what they bought and help them purchase goods in American stores.

Visa is a global payment system, which provides its cardholders, trade and service centers as well as financial and governmental organizations in more than 200 countries with access to a swift, secured and reliable network of electronic payments.

E-payments are operated via VisaNet global innovative processing system, which is able to operate 24,000 transactions every second, securing them from fraud. -0--

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