VTB Bank (Armenia) announces the lucky person of the month campaign

26.10.2017 16:27
VTB Bank (Armenia) announces the lucky person of the month campaign

YEREVAN, October 25. /ARKA/. VTB Bank (Armenia) has announced a promotion campaign today dubbed as the "Lucky Person of the Month," designed for holders of Companion banking cards, who may receive cash awards in the amount of 100,000 drams if they use their cards from October 25, 2017 to April 25, 2018 to spend as much as possible from their credit limits.

The bank said in a news release that the Companion card is a credit card that is issued to customers who have received mortgage, car and installment loans as well as secured and unsecured consumer loans Universal.

The participants of the promotion campaign will be divided into 2 groups; customers with a credit limit from 50,000 to 400,000 drams inclusive and customers with a credit limit over 400,000 drams.

A monthly prize of 100,000 drams is set for each group. At the end of each month the bank will determine the winner in each group. The award will placed on the winner’s account.

Detailed information on the terms and conditions of the "Lucky Person of the Month" campaign can be found on the Bank's website, at the Bank's branches and by calling 87-87.

VTB Bank (Armenia) is entirely owned by Russian VTB Group. It runs 67 branches in Armenia. -0-

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