Bank VTB (Armenia)

10.12.2014 17:28
Bank VTB (Armenia)
A question from Armbanks website visitor:
Hi. I have a question. I am planning to travel to Armenia, and I have a Sberbank international card. Can I use it in Armenia, and if yes, what the commission fee will be?
The question is answered by the staff of Bank VTB (Armenia) retail business development department:
Dear client, if you have an international card, you can use it worldwide, i.e. in Armenia as well.
You can use it for cashing money, as well as for making non-cash transactions in Bank VTB (Armenia) sales and service points.
Bank VTB (Armenia) charges no commission fee for cashing money from its ATMs. But commission may be charged by the bank that issued your card. Hence, we recommend you clarify this with Sberbank.
Maximum limit of cash that can be withdrawn at a time from Bank VTB (Armenia) ATMs is 200,000 drams (23, 724 rubles, 1ruble= 8.43 drams according to Central Bank on December 9, 2014).
Apart from this, Bank VTB (Armenia) charges a fee of 2% of the transaction amount at POS terminals for cash withdrawal. No maximum transaction limit is set in this case.
Bank VTB (Armenia) charges no commission for non-cash transactions in sales and service points either. No one-time maximum limit is set for these transactions either.

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