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    Armenian banks, credit organizations and pawnshops now obliged to indicate real interest rate on consumer loans up to 15 million drams

    Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

    Armenia-based commercial banks, credit organizations and pawnshops are now obliged to indicate a real interest rate on loans worth up to 15 million drams in the loan agreements

    Gold refining factory to be built in Armenia

    Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

    A gold refining factory is to be built in Armenia, which is supposed to help the Central Bank to partially restore its gold reserves, the chairman of the Central Bank Artur Javadyan said today in the parliament

    Armenian parliament raises upper limit of consumer loan to 15 million drams

    Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

    Armenia’s National Assembly has approved today in the second and final reading a draft law on consumer lending, proposed by the Bright Armenia party

    Armenian police arrest two counterfeiters

    Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

    Armenian police provided details of the detention of two men suspected of selling counterfeit, home-printed banknotes

    Armenbrok acquires 100% of capital investments shares

    Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

    Armenia’s leading investment company Armenbrok said today it has acquired 100% of shares of Capital Investments company. It said Capital Asset Management

    Armenia’s central bank has acquired $140 million since April 2019

    Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

    Since April 2019, Armenia’s Central Bank has acquired $140 million in the local foreign exchange market, Central Bank head Arthur Javadyan said in the parliament today.
    He said this year the regulator’s intervention was in one direction- not to allow the national currency dram to get stronger too much, which would have negative consequences for exporters